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About Edmonds

Edmonds is the oldest city in Snohomish County, incorporated in 1890, and located on Puget Sound almost exactly between Seattle and Everett. Logging camps populated the Edmond area in the late 1880s, followed by several mills along the waterfront. In 1900, regular ferry service began serving the city. A Carnegie Library was built in 1910, which now serves as the Edmonds Historical Museum.

Now, Edmonds is a picturesque community of 40,000 with a thriving downtown area. It is the third largest city in the County after Everett and Marysville. It features a very active arts community, a large marina, a farmer’s market in the summer months. The community has become a county transportation hub, with Edmonds-Kingston ferry serice, Amtrak service, Sounder Commuter Rail service, and now regular Community Transit service to the waterfront area.

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